Bravehearts – October 2017

Scruff, BraveheartsScruff is our Braveheart winner for October 2017.

Scruff was referred to our opthalmologist, Kim as he had chronic keratitis (sore and inflamed cornea) secondary due to having prolonged dry eye. After a trial course of eye drops and further work ups, it was decided Scruff would undergo parotid duct transposition (re-routing his salivary gland to help moisten his eye).

Scruff was brave throughout his treatment, time spent with us hospitalised for the operation and the subsequent visits needed to check that the re-routing of the duct was successful. Scruff was given a long course of eye drops to help his eye continue to recover and a contact lens was placed to help further the recovery.

After a month of hard work and dedication from Scruff’s family and tolerance from Scruff, he has now been given the all clear from Kim and no longer needs to wear his buster collar and have eye drops! Scruff was such a sweet dog to nurse and a delight to see when he came in to see Kim.

We wish Scruff and his family the best in the future.

Frosty, BraveheartsFrosty

Frosty was another Braveheart nominee for October 2017.

Frosty’s teeth were in need of some attention as it was beyond tooth-brushing so he was admitted for a dental. Frosty has an ongoing heart condition which along with his age, increased the risk of using anaesthesia. To ensure he would get the best chance with recovery, we scanned and used our X-ray machine to have a look at his chest to monitor his condition.

Frosty had 13 teeth removed and needed sutures in his gums to help his mouth to heal. His recovery went really well and he is now back at home with a much more comfy mouth! Frosty took everything in his stride and was a truly brave dog, being unfazed by it all!