Repeat prescriptions

Please ring the practice or call in to order repeat medication, giving us at least 48-hours notice before you will be ready to collect. This gives the vet time to dispense the medication and order in extra stock if required.

At Archway Veterinary Practice, we will need to re-assess pets requiring repeat prescriptions every three to six months, depending on the condition being treated; this period may vary with individual circumstances at the discretion of the vet. Some animals will only require annual check ups, for example, stable on-going conditions such as hypothyroidism, or for prescription-only flea medications. There is normally a charge for this check up, but we offer a lower consultation fee if the check up is routine and straightforward. If an annual check is all that’s required this is usually incorporated with your pet’s annual booster vaccination.

If your pet has recently been diagnosed with a condition, your vet may need to see them more frequently to ensure that no dose changes need to be made and that your pet is not developing any side effects of treatment. Once your pet is stable on treatment, rechecks will not need to be as frequent.

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