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Introducing MiPet Cover pet insurance

Because we care, we’re proud to introduce MiPet Cover, pet insurance designed by our vets. Puppies and kittens New puppy or kitten? Get them started on the right paw with a four week’s free Instant policy*. Once your new furry friend has … Continued

Bravehearts – August 2017

Tikka was our Braveheart winner for August 2017. Tikka came to see the vet as he had lost weight and was lethargic, his coat condition had become poor and his personality had changed. After blood tests and a thorough examination … Continued

Firework season is coming

From October through to the New Year, fireworks will be going off. Although great to watch, firework season can be a very stressful and frightening time for many of our pets. Preparing in advance before fireworks start can make a … Continued

Is your dog summer ready?

It’s the best time of year to be out and about, enjoying all that the season has to offer. Here are our top tips to ensure your furry companion stays safe and happy this summer: Is your dog protected from … Continued

Bravehearts – May 2017

Lenny is our Braveheart winner for May 2017 Lenny came in to see us as he was very subdued and his back end was painful, on closer inspection his rear end was bruised and there was an abscess forming. We … Continued

Bravehearts – April 2017

Guinness is our Braveheart winner for April 2017 Guinness came in to see us as he had become lethargic and refused his dinner and then his breakfast – which was very out of character. Bloods were taken and he was … Continued

Neutering special offer

Did you know that neutering your pet can give them a happier, healthier life? It’s that time of year when Spring fever is in the air. This also means our cats, dogs and rabbits go into mating mode. Neutering your … Continued

Minstrel wins Braveheart of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Minstrel who was chosen as our overall Braveheart winner for 2016 as voted for via our online survey. Each month, staff at the Archway, nominate patients for a Braveheart. These patients are ones that have either undergone major … Continued

Bravehearts – March 2017

Su-su is our Braveheart winner for March 2017 Su-su was rushed in to us after being attacked by two dogs. On arrival she was immediately treated for shock and was examined for any injuries. Within the hour Su-su had already … Continued

Bravehearts – February 2017

Scarlet: Egg peritonitis Scarlet presented to us many months ago following the passing of soft egg shells and being unwell in herself. She responded well to medication but we suspected the underlying cause of her disease was egg peritonitis. This … Continued